Women’s Soccer: Overcoming Adversity

Story by Zoe Harmon, Staff Writer
Photo Courtesy of Andris Visockis

Overcoming adversity has been the name of the game for the Aquinas women’s soccer team this season. They have been experiencing multiple injuries and have brought on a handful of new players. Despite this, the team has not let their hardships get them down.

The team, which currently has a record of 3-3-2, hopes to fight through their hardships and make a quality run in the WHAC tournament. Last season, the team was extremely close to making it to the national tournament, so if they are successful in the WHAC tournament, they have potential to make it further than they did last year.

With setbacks such as concussions, ACL tears, sprained ankles, and illness, the team has not been healthy since this summer. However, the team agrees that they have come together to fight against these setbacks.

Senior Claire Krohn commented, “The team’s greatest accomplishment this season has been the work ethic. We’ve had some setbacks, like any team would, but the unique thing about this team is how we never keep our heads down. If we haven’t performed at our best, we don’t take the next day to sulk. We take the next day to improve.” It is this attitude that will help the team secure more wins as the season progresses.

Not only does the team have a great attitude, but they also have strong bonds, making the team more like a family. Both the players and coaches encourage and support one another, creating a team culture that can’t be matched.

Senior Allison Garstecki notes, “This team is a group of people that I can rely on for support, encouragement, advice, and a good laugh on and off the field. The friendships, much like family, will last after I graduate and beyond; and for that, I am grateful.”

Freshman Emily Adams adds, “AQ soccer is my family.” There is no doubt that the women’s soccer team has established an unbreakable bond.

Since they are so closely bonded, the team has made some special memories. A few of the players noted that the jam sessions they have before their games are quite memorable. Other memories include preseason tubing, playing volleyball as a team, and playing “butts up” during practice. The team also seems to enjoy their teammate, Leeann Latsch. Two players mentioned that her snot rockets, and her habit of pulling out her eyebrow hairs were memorable. It’s clear to see that the team enjoys each other’s company, which helps create incredible teamwork both on and off the field.

With a positive attitude and incredible team comradery, the women’s soccer team has a high chance of accomplishing their goal to make it to the national tournament. If they keep fighting, there’s no doubt they will make it. The team would love to see more students at their games, so be sure to check out their schedule and head over to the field as soon as you can.

About the Writer…

Zoe Harmon, Staff WriterZoe Harmon is in her final year at Aquinas College, majoring in Sports Management/Business Administration and minoring in Communication. Zoe is a member of the Sports Management Club where she serves on the board as Treasurer.She is also a Disney College Program Alumni after spending 7 months in Orlando. Zoe has a great passion for travel and health/fitness and in her free time, she enjoys hiking adventures, biking, and spending time with her friends and family.

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