American Horror Story: the next installment surprises no one

Story by Aaron Campbell, Managing Editor
Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll were just a few of the things that were smeared, quite literally, all throughout the season five premiere of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel.

The premiere aired October 7 on FX and was seen by a total of 5.81 million viewers, which is surprisingly down five percent overall from last year’s season four Freak Show premiere.

The cast is probably one of the most beloved aspects of the American Horror Story installation. As do most seasons, this season Hotel reinvents the constantly changing American Horror Story plot twists by keeping primarily the same cast from past seasons in the likes of Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and many more, but this time they brought in fresh meat (no pun intended), pop sensation Lady Gaga for her TV series debut.

Of course, Gaga is an enormous addition to the Horror Story cast, but I can only celebrate so much because previous leading lady, original “supreme”, and general badass, Jessica Lange, will unfortunately not be sighted in Hotel (sigh).

So season five, similar to season one’s Murder House, is set in yet another eerie building, however this time it is not a suburban two story home, but Hotel Cortez-an art deco themed hotel located in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

The opening scenes gave light to many things with a few being a stylish and sex-crazed countess (Gaga), a ghostly cocaine addict (Paulson), and a deranged, yet dedicated, mother (Bates). As if these characters were not interesting enough by themselves, Murphy also adds to the mix a child brainwashing arcade, a drill bit dildo, and lots and lots of blood.

Hotel’s premiere most certainly outdid its predecessors in the regard of gore. It was quite interesting (semi-disturbing) as a new scene was unveiled only to find that lust, narcotics, and/or guts were present in some form. Although Hotel got off to a very bold and confusing start, that is totally what we expect from the American Horror Story installation.  .

I do have to give props to Murphy though, because the premiere of Hotel was one of the most original plots that I have ever witnessed unfold.

The blood may have been excessive, however, in Murphy’s defense he did give viewers a heads up about the grisly season to come stating during an interview regarding Hotel that it (Season 5) was certainly “more dark” than past seasons and “straight horror this year.” I just wish I would have known about this warning before I told my mother to watch it as an attempt to have a common talking point. Sorry mom.

The American Horror Story series has been proven to have a special way of answering questions that viewers start having, in the episodes to come.

My question now is, “Will this blood parade continue throughout all thirteen episodes?”

Something tells me that the show will scream back, “YES!”, but we shall see.

Check into the hotel but, don’t worry- I’ve called in your reservation: Room 64.

Don’t thank me yet.

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