Artist Spotlight: Jessica in the Rainbow

Story by Haley Brink, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Jessica Fogle

Jessica in the Rainbow, otherwise known as Jessica Fogle, is a singer, a songwriter, and a classically-trained pianist. She has an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Not only has she released her first studio album Du Bist Einen Fogle in 2010, but she also created a soundtrack to a musical/movie. She won 15 awards on “Were the World Mine”, one of which was awarded for Best Music in the 2008 Nashville Film Fest. Fogle re-released her album Melancholy Frog in 2011 in Chicago. To say the least, this girl is amazing.

She made a name for herself in Chicago, playing at local venues. Fogle had been performing all over the big city, and opened for Cheer-Accident at The Hideout. She even got her music to play on the radio on WXRT.

Foglereleased her first album, Catalysts, under the name of Jessica in The Rainbow in 2014. She had her own little tour in West Michigan, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

Catalysts is mostly piano. It is aged and soothing. She sings along, creating a matured, jazzy alto feel. She wasn’t alone making the album though, she featured Hunter Zhao on the cello and Maddie & Daphne Jackson on the banjo-ukulele, bongos, and harmonizing her vocals.

It’s refreshing to hear about a rising artist that made a name for herself very nearby. Catalysts was recorded with Ian Gorman of La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, MI. This particular album was nominated by listeners in Grand Rapids for “Best Album by a New Artist” and “Album of the Year”. She was even a finalist for “Best Jazz Album”. She’s not exactly jazz, but it’s the closest genre to slide her into.

Her piece at ArtPrize, “Wake Up (& Apologize (to yourself))”, is one of the songs off Catalysts. It encompasses her familiarity with piano, cello, alto vocals, harmonies, and space sounds.

Her musical piece in ArtPrize was meant to examine the ways we all try to hurt ourselves and question our judgements. We do this to ourselves to self-destruct and to improve ourselves. The point of her piece was was to help people find the beauty inside themselves.

Fogle states, “The goal of my music is to facilitate self-exploration and discovery, along with healing the heart. I hope to be a catalyst for the cathartic process of healing, gentleness, and self-love in the lives of others.”

Jessica in The Rainbow is definitely a treasure to be found. Her entry in ArtPrize 2015 can be found on the ArtPrize website. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

About the Writer…

Haley Brink, Staff Writer

Haley Brink is a Sustainable Business major with minors in communications and writing. She is passionate about the environment and how she can make an impact on the way people treat the world they live in. She someday hopes to learn to photosynthesize. She also enjoys attempting to recreate foods she finds on Pinterest.

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