International Student Spotlight: Elliott Walker

Story by Tom Doetsch, The Saint Reporter
Photo courtesy of

Courtesy of Elliot Walker

Courtesy of Elliot Walker

Elliott Walker is his name, tennis is his game. He’s a freshman who is originally from the United Kingdom and more specifically Manchester, and yes, ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle.

“I came to Aquinas because I love playing tennis and wanted to keep on playing. There isn’t much collegiate tennis back home so I decided to come to the States,” Walker said. He would go on to talk about how he talked with various coaches from a lot of different colleges, then liked Aquinas the most, and here he is. Walker’s favorite class is First Year Experience and he’s leaning towards majoring in business because “it is a general degree in terms of a job afterwards. It works for a lot of different areas around the world.”

Traveling the world is something Walker would like to do sometime in the near future. Like the vast majority of college students he isn’t very sure what he wants to do after graduation. His dream job is to be a professional tennis player like Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer.

Walker said he likes going to college in a different country because it forces him to mature. Unlike some of his friends, his parents aren’t right down the road or a couple hours away but are separated by a whole ocean. He was surprised by the living arrangements here. Instead of living in a dorm he would’ve shared a flat, similar to an apartment he would’ve had his own bedroom and a shared kitchen.

“The pros of living in America are: good summer weather, it’s a good life experience, experiencing a different culture is always good to become more open-minded, not to mention this will look great on my resume,” Walker said. Among the cons he said, poor winter weather and he does not see family or friends for long periods at a time, which is hard on him.

Walker didn’t know any of his roommates coming into Aquinas but they all get along great. They do a lot together such as play pool at the moose, eat at Wege, and of course occasionally play video games. He’s happy to be placed with such great guys that he considers to be close as brothers, and is eager to continue exploring America.

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