Student Senate working towards a successful year for Aquinas students

Story by Tom Doetsch, The Saint Reporter
Photo courtesy by

The Rapid is increasing its Aquinas fee from $.90 to $1.05; however, Student Senate has made a deal with the bus system so Aquinas students only have to pay $.25 upon showing his or her school I.D.

Student Senate President Jake Eccleston said, “Student Senate allocated $3,000 from our budget to cover the increase so that our students don’t feel the burden of paying more than the 25 cents.”

They realize that college students most of all aren’t made of money so they’re making matters better by trying and keep as much money in their constituent’s pockets as possible. The regular Rapid fee recently rose twenty-five cents to $1.75, but Student Senate is working hard to keep it at a mere quarter for their constituents.

Aside from brokering the deal with The Rapid, the 2015 Student Senate plans on becoming more jovial and sociable. A sophomore student Senator Naomi Schmidt said, “The number one goal of Senate this year is to connect with the students.  We want as many people as possible to know that they can come to us at any time, to our constituent hours, and to our meetings.”

Student Senate is prioritizing everything going on at the moment, and connecting with the students is at the top of the list, especially since most college students are trying to balance homework, social life, job, and getting enough sleep.

Another sophomore, Secretary Rebecca Kurkowski said, “This year student senate is trying to be as transparent as we can by letting the student body know what we’re working on and how we’re serving them.”

Did you know Student Senate co-sponsored the Eboo Patel event? Eboo Patel founded and is president of Interfaith Youth Core, an international organization that encourages religious pluralism. This is just another way that this year’s Student Senate is improving life for Aquinas students. Student senate Vice Chair junior Zoë Collenburg said, “We are also still staying in contact with Campus Ministry to continue to promote Interfaith. We worked with them heavily to bring Eboo Patel to campus, and we wish to keep that spirit going.”

Student Senate is working hard each and everyday to make Aquinas a better place for all. From reducing fees to connecting more with constituents, they’re certainly getting the job done.

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