Where are the heroes?

Story by Natalie Jo Przybyla, Staff Writer
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While supporters and opposers of gun laws fight over regulatory bills, police brutality, and mass shootings, new acts of terror are being printed in our newspapers every day. The cities aren’t safe, the schools aren’t safe, churches aren’t safe— we need a hero.

One could turn to law enforcement for help. There are some great cops out there who save people from collapsing buildings and cats from tall trees. But there are some cops like in Eaton County, Michigan where an officer pulled over a young man for flashing his brights and ended up shooting him multiple times. The young man did not survive. It goes to show that one cat’s hero is another man’s villain.

Some believe even the government has turned against them. Scandals like that of Michigan Representatives Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser, were the duo used taxpayer money to cover infidelity in their marriages shows how citizens are valued by state officials.

Voters like you and I elect these people. Even if politicians were always honest, the voter can being misinformed or careless about candidates, especially when it comes to local elections. Citizens have the power to vote or not vote, but that power is being misused and abused. We can’t save ourselves with politics.

Is there an action to take if we lack actual superheroes? There is always vigilante justice. Citizens can fix their own issues, solve their own crimes. Citizens can be the witness, victim, prosecutor, judge and executioner all with the help of a permit and a bullet.

In Detroit on October 6, a woman opened fire on an unarmed shoplifter in a Home Depot parking lot. The shoplifter got away and no one was hurt, but the situation brought up a controversy about concealed weapons:Should the citizens be allowed to posses such deadly weapons in places as public as Home Depot? Innocent people were put in danger. People are concerned about being shot, but they refuse to take away a weapon. For the love of all things American— we can’t say bomb on a plane, but God forbid they take away our guns!

What do we do in a place where we can’t look to the people running our country? We can’t trust our police forces who are supposed to be our heroes. We can’t even trust ourselves. It’s an issue that probably will never go away. There’s always going to be the good with the bad no matter who has the guns. All we can focus on is keeping safe.

About the Writer…

Natalie Przybyla, Staff WriterNatalie Przybyla is a sophomore Women’s Studies major and loves music, art, feminism, and meeting new people. She likes to think of herself like Kanye West thinks about himself.

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