Women’s Soccer: Heating up the competition

Story by Aaron Campbell, Managing Editor
Photo Courtesy of Andris Visockis

The Aquinas Women’s Soccer team is coming in hot as they approach the final game of the regular season. The team, now 10-4-2 on the season, believes the seven game winning streak that they are on is just the start of what they plan to bring into the WHAC tournament play.

The Lady Saints are certainly capable of making a run for the WHAC title considering that they currently stand in fourth place overall in the WHAC standings. The team most recently won against Lourdes University by a score of 3-0, only after previously toppling Madonna in a 1-0 victory.

The team and coaches both attribute the team’s recent successes to figuring out what works on the field but more importantly, how to make it work. It is this determination that pushes the team forward at a very crucial point in the season.

Head Coach Roger Gardner explained what he believes to be the secret to the team’s recent string of triumphs,

“It took the coaching staff a few games to figure out how to use each player’s strength the best. The players have bought into their roles, and realized that every person on the team makes a difference in how the team plays.  It is really the players who have stepped up and are playing great at this time.”

Coach Gardner and the team makes sure to note that this is just the start of a progressive building process.

“We are getting better every day. The girls are working hard, and when they see their hard work pay off it makes them work that much harder,” said Gardner. “Everyone is figuring out their roles, and doing whatever they can to make the team better.”

However, it’s not only Coach Gardner that has noticed the recent unity within the team.

Jessica Parry, a standout junior transfer from Schoolcraft College explains what she has watched happened with the closely bonded team.

I believe our team has really been coming together strongly within the past few games. I think a lot of people are starting to step up at this point and prove themselves, which has helped with the momentum and energy of the team as a whole.”

From a player’s perspective, Parry explains that there has been an internal drive pushing the Saints forward.

“I believe these past wins have come from the heart. Personally, I believe that the team has outworked every opponent that we have played in the past 5 or 6 games,” added Parry.

It is certainly this collective effort from the team that has placed the team in its current position as they approach tournament play in high spirits.

The team will battle Cornerstone on Halloween in their final game of regular season play.

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