In Case of Emergency: Red v. Blue

Story by Anna Musiyenko, News Editor
Photo Courtesy Paul DeAngelis

Do chilly fall nights make you feel blue? Don’t let yourself drag into fall melancholy. Enjoy a good laugh with the AQ improv troupe, In Case of Emergency on Wednesday, November 4, in the AMC at 10:30 p.m. After having a great first show last month in the Moose and competing with Calvin and GVSU improv troupes at the Downtown Improv Festival, ICE set high standards for hilarious improvisational comedy.

This year, In Case of Emergency has the opportunity to be one of the best troupes in AQ history. After having a long process for tryouts, the most creative and outgoing eight people made it to the team. Julia Glynn, a sophomore, Grant Kammer, a junior, Ian Scheidel, a junior, Sarah Osborne, a senior, Bridgette Degenhardt, a senior, Shay Ostyn, a senior, and Paul DeAngelis, a senior, are fired up to bring out some new games for everyone to enjoy.

ICE took on a redesigned structure of their shows. If you think you saw enough ICE last year, they will definitely surprise you at their next show.The game format has became even more competitive after the troupe decided to split into two different teams with one ‘referee’ to keep the nonsense in order. Ben Avery, a junior, has added some much needed guidance to this rambunctious team, in his new role as MC/Referee. His main task is to lead head-to-head improv competitions, take suggestions from the audience, and announce final results. But he does much more than this by supplying his own comedic style to the show.

 Don’t lose a chance to get loud, have fun, and vote by wearing your favorite team’s color. If you want to know more about the new improv troupe check out them out at the In Case of Emergency’s Facebook page.

About the Writer…

10268573_735520826485854_7078871992900041361_nAnna Musiyenko is a Communication major with minor in Journalism. She is the News Editor of the Saint and a part of AQ women’s tennis team. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and writing about her experience.

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