Don’t Netflix and Chill: Things you’ll actually want to watch this winter

Story by Mayra Monroy, Editor in Chief
Photo courtesy of Disney

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful November days we have had recently…winter is coming. Once the snow starts falling and the soggy socks come off, you’ll need to spend your days doing something. What more productive way than binge watching your favorite shows and movies?

Netflix is the world’s favorite distraction, with unlimited films, tv shows, and documentaries to keep you attached to your bed for hours. Don’t spend your days just scrolling through the never-ending lists, here are things you’ll want to add to your queue this chilly season.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection: this collection features 12 short features from our favorite creators of heartfelt films. The collection of short films include the beloved ice queen and sister duo in Frozen Fever battling sickness in order to celebrate a birthday; the happily ever after of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in Tangled Ever After; and traditional hand drawn Mickey Mouse meets 3D animation in Get a Horse! This 1.5 hour collection will keep you entertained.

Fixer Upper (One Season): This binge-worthy show follows a Texas family as they take old, forlorn homes and flip it into a person’s dream home. If you like a challenge, you’ll love watching this family change something from old to new, with a bit of their southern charm and grit, of course.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones (One Season): With an anticipated release date of November 20, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is expected to receive a positive reception from Marvel fans. The show, based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, follows a former superhero that starts a detective agency in her post-superhero career. Starring Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and David Tennant, you can binge watch the entire season when it releases later this month.

Sense 8 (One Season): The Netflix original series unites those of us stuck in the supernatural realm by following a group of people with no connection as they suddenly become emotionally and mentally linked. Science fiction meets suspense as the people must unite to fight the enemy, or also known as anyone who tries to extinguish their different “kind.” There is only one season on Netflix, so you’ll have to wait another year or so for the next installment.

These examples, among dozens of others, are available for streaming right now! Don’t spend all of your time on Netflix, though. Happy watching!

About the Writer…

unnamedMayra Monroy is a senior studying Communication and Journalism. She is the Editor-in-Chief for The Saint, reporter for Revue Magazine and the Marketing Intern for Van Andel Arena & DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. Mayra enjoys traveling, overusing emojis in conversation, being immersed in local and national news, and spending her day on Twitter.

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