Ellie Goulding’s New Album Shows Creative Diversity

Story by Madison Wilder, The Saint Reporter
Photo courtesy of The Star

Ellie Goulding has once again proved that she can be whatever type of artist she wants to be. Her latest album Delirium released Nov. 6 is filled with a song for almost any type of person in any type of mood. Going through a breakup? Listen to “Aftertaste. ‘Want to hear a song that with undoubtedly be eventually overplayed on pop-radio? Give “On My Mind” a listen. Both songs great in their own ways and Goulding sounding amazing in both. Delirium is Goulding’s third studio album and is the follow up to her second studio album Halcyon that was released in October 2012. This album is much anticipated as it was announced in 2014 that the artist would be focusing on the album after releasing multiple singles such as “Beating Heart” and then being a featured artist on Calvin Harris’ latest album Motion.

Gouldings songs bring more life to any situation. Begin with her single “On My Mind.” Written with producer Max Martin, who has also produced music with artists like Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys in the past. The song is classic pop. Its got an extremely catchy chorus as well as a beat that will get stuck in heads and mumbled in throughout the commute, chores or homework.

Goulding has filled her album with songs of many types. Though most speak about relational struggle, some feel extremely relatable such as “Heal” or “Aftertaste” both include lyrics dedicated to the struggle of lost love and breakups. Much slower beats in both compared to others on the diverse album.

A song that may not hit the radio so fast but still worth a listen, or thirty, is “I Do What I love.” This song is catchy beyond believe from the echoing of the lyrics to the almost overwhelming beat of the drums. This is a song to dance to. Gouldings lyrics “I do what I love and I love what I do

Stop me, stop me, I’m stopping you” give off good vibes and a feeling of defiance.

Overall, this album is one of the best Goulding has released to date. When interviewed by MTV Goulding said that her lyrics have gone back to much of her older style, when her lyrics were honest and explicit.  I would literally just sing what I was thinking,” Ellie said in the interview. The album is diverse yet still remains true to Goulding’s artistic and elegant style.

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