Lions Losing Their Roar

Story by Zack Isaacs, The Saint Reporter
Photo Courtesy of A Healthier Michigan

The cool weather of fall is upon us and that means that one of America’s favorite pastimes is also here, football. While many NFL teams are enjoying successful seasons, the same can not be said for the Detroit Lions. The Lions are currently 1-7 after dropping their last game against the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 45-10. The first win for the Lions came in week six against the Chicago Bears after losing the first five games of the season. After the win against the Bears, fans were expecting to see an improvement from the Lions.

In week seven against the Minnesota Vikings, the Lions lost once again. Shortly after the game, Jim Caldwell, the head coach of the Lions, fired the offensive coordinator. The offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi, is the grandson of Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi. That did not seem to make a difference in his play calling though, as the Lions’ offense sputtered through the first seven games of the season. The Lions defense, lead by coordinator Teryl Austin, has adopted the “bend but not break” strategy this season as they have kept the Lions in the game but the offense has not been able to help.

The Lions have been making waves in the NFL for another reason this season, there was a controversial play when the Lions played the Seattle Seahawks. The Lions were about to score the winning touchdown when one of the Seahawks’ safeties, Kam Chancellor, punched the ball out of the hands of the Lions’ Calvin Johnson just before the goal line. After the ball was knocked out, K.J Wright of the Seahawks tipped the ball out of the endzone which would normally be a penalty and the Lions would get the ball on the one yard line with a first down. The referees apparently did not seem to think that it should have been a penalty so the Lions ended up losing the game. This has lead many fans to believe that the NFL is rigging the games so that the Lions will lose. While the game against the Seahawks was obviously not in favor of the Lions, the rest of the games gave no reason for the Lions to lose so often.

While the Lions have struggled this season, they may have a viable excuse. The Lions have had many injuries throughout the season. Linebacker Deandre Levy, arguably the best defender for the Lions, is out for the season. Also, the Lions best running back, Joique Bell, did not see the field until week eight in which he performed well. The offensive line for the Lions has also been banged up. Although the Lions have had some problems with the referees and injuries, that is still no excuse for the lack of success seen throughout this season.

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