Men’s Lacrosse Announces New Captains

Story by Carlos Hernandez, The Saint Reporter
Photo Courtesy of Andris Visockis

In the Spring of 2016, the Men’s Lacrosse team begins their new season after coming off a 7-6 season last year. Getting used to old teammates leaving with new teammates to replace them, the Lacrosse team has a lot on their mind, but are determined to work as hard as they can to be in top shape for the spring. Added to the new team, is a new way of playing. With Aquinas’s new field lights, the team will be hosting more night games, which the team is excited for.

This year, the team welcomes 13 first-years (and one transfer) from all over the midwest, all of whom are more than ready to play well and work hard. Coach Doug Seites commented on how impressed he has been with the incoming first-years, some of which will be starting in the upcoming season. In addition to the dedication of the new students, the returners have stepped up their game and accepted taking on more responsibility, especially the team’s new captains.

Recently, these four captains’ names were revealed. They are senior Will Comai, senior Kyle Foley, senior Christian Van Drie, and junior Matt Mulcahy. These four students were picked based upon their leadership and dedication throughout the past few years, practicing over the summer, working hard on the team, and demonstrating an outstanding level of dedication for the team.

Coach Doug Seite emphasized these qualities when talking about these four gentlemen saying, “They’ve done an especially have done a really good job taking the Freshmen under their wings and teaching them how we do things as a program and what we expect and helping show them how to balance being a student athlete and being a part of the lacrosse team.”

According to the school’s athletic website, the team had a fairly good season last year, winning just enough games to be eligible for the Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association playoffs. Individual players also received prestigious awards last year including All CCLA (First Team) Tim Hansen; All Academic for the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference Tim Hansen, Austin Phillip, and Jack VanWeiren; All WHAC (First Team) Tim Hansen, Matt Mulcahy, Chris Rowe, and Jimmy Watt; and All-American Honorable Mention Tim Hansen

Though the new season is a ways away, the team has already started practice and are working to build the team’s strength as well as focus on their academics. It is easy to say the Men’s Lacrosse team will be an interesting team to watch this upcoming season.

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