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Savory Saints: Peaches Café

Story by Abigale Racine, Culture Editor
Photo courtesy of GRNow

Located in the brick-paved heart of Eastown is Peaches Café. Peaches markets food products that are self-described as, “oven roasted,fresh and delicious.”

It lives up to its expectation and offers products that are healthy and appetizing, unlike its infamous neighbor Yesterdog that piles the empty calories high and smothers it with chili cheese. No offense against the king of cheddar dogs (I love you), but sometimes you just need a meal that doesn’t feel like it is clogging your arteries whilst you consume it.

With operating hours from 11 a.m. from 9 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday, Peaches Café is an accessible, affordable health food source for Aquinas students that is a simple walk away from campus. Plus, everything on the menu is less than ten dollars- always a perk for those tired of Ramen and strapped for cash.

On the menu is a variety of salads, burgers, tacos, wraps, and Turkish kebabs. There are vegan and vegetarian options for those that prefer no-meat, and naturally-raised chicken for those who are conscientious of food production. Additionally, soup will be added onto the menu with the onset of winter upon us.

On my first of many anticipated visits, I tried the chicken wrap and it is unlike any other chicken wrap I’ve had before. It’s not your standard, mundane grilled chicken caesar wrap that comes to mind, it’s much more flavorful and Mediterranean-styled. Rolled into a 12 inch tortilla wrap is a beautiful symphony of oven roasted seasoned chicken, steamed rice, black beans, a rich assortment of mixed vegetables including cabbage and broccoli: all bound together by sour cream.  Not to mention, this sucker is giant: it can easily be split by two people and/or makes excellent leftovers.

During your visit, you may even have the privilege of running into a couple of current Aquinas students working there or speaking to the owner and operating manager Hossein Sadat, who offers the most heartwarming, hospitable experience for diners.

A former professor of physics, Sadat still likes to establish connections with people and have a learning experience each and every day with his customers. He embraces his Persian tradition and his café offers a very welcoming environment to customers. Upon my first visit, Sadat offered leftover Halloween candy, free tacos and, most importantly, he offered up his time, as he sat with me and my dining companions and we had an inspiring conversation.

It is cafés like Peaches Café that make college such a memorable (and tasty) experience. Check out Peaches next time you are on the prowl for antiques in Eastown and you find yourself famished.

About the Writer…

Abigale Racine is a senior studying English, with a focus in journalism. She is the Culture Editor of The Saint and does some freelance work on the side, when she isn’t soaking up the scene that is Grand Rapids.

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