Pistons hanging in there

Story by Sam Bell, The Saint Reporter
Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison

Fourteen games into the 2015-2016 pro basketball season, the Detroit Pistons are showing some positive signs and improvement from previous seasons.

Although their record currently sits at 7-7, the squad has shown some heart and had a couple of clutch wins thus far. Among those wins, arguably the biggest would be their victory over the Central Division leading Cleveland Cavaliers. Detroit, led by center Andre Drummond’s 25 points and 18 rebounds, took the game 104-99.

Through the first 13 games, the season has already somewhat looked like a roller coaster ride for the team and it’s fanbase. The squad won their first three games of the season, defeating the Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz, and Chicago Bulls. They then took a loss to the Pacers before taking another two games against the Suns and Trail Blazers. At this point the Pistons started skidding, losing the next four games against the Warriors (although nobody has been able to beat them, to be fair), Kings, Clippers and Lakers. Finally we got back to winning with our latest win against Minnesota.

Detroit has been led by a number of different players so far, but two players seem to stick out. Offensively, point guard Reggie Jackson has been a huge leader, leading the team in points per game (20.4) and assists per game (5.8). Andre Drummond has been dominating the defensive end of the court, as well as having the best field goal percentage (54%). Defensively, Drummond leads the team in rebounds per game (17.8), steals per game (1.8) and blocks per game (1.4), according to

Right now, Detroit is in fourth place in the Central Division standings, behind Cleveland, Chicago, and Indiana. The team is only four games out of first place, however. Although 7-7 isn’t the start the team was looking for, it does give them some promise for the rest of the season. In the previous couple seasons, the Pistons haven’t even been able to manage a .500 finish, so to be .500 at this point is somewhat of an accomplishment.

In order to win the division, the Pistons will have to play the best basketball they have played in years, being in the same division as powerhouse teams the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, both of which have been postseason contenders in previous seasons. So, be sure to keep an eye on the boys in Detroit, to see what this pro basketball season has in store.

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