Aquinas College wants YOU to be a student leader

Story by Ty Smith, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Andris Visockis 

Leadership roles are an essential part of any student’s college experience, and Aquinas College offers plenty of positions to those who’d like a role for 2016. From positions in the Student Senate to a job as a resident assistant, there’s a place for anyone who would like to become active in the school.

According to the Aquinas website, any potential Resident Assistant must be a sophomore and be able to return in mid-August for training. In addition, you must have at least a 2.7 GPA, and be able to get at least two references. A successful Resident Assistant also requires good leadership skills, personal skills, dedication and dependability. The application process for interested students is going on now. To apply, go to the Residence Life page and click the link to the application page. Applications are due January 22.

Two more positions available in 2016 are those as a Senator or an Orientation Leader. In order to become a senator, students must apply at the Campus Life website, and then must be elected by their class. Senators are responsible for representing the student body’s concerns to the administration. Orientation Leaders have a different role. To become an Orientation Leader, you must attend an information session held near the end of each semester. More details would be given there. Orientation Leaders welcome in incoming first-year students, helping them to adjust to college life. Maria Moon, both a junior Senator and an Orientation Leader, said that she enjoys being a Senator.

“It’s like we’re the student’s voice,” Moon said. “Sometimes people come up to us and tell us concerns about Aquinas in general, and we bring that up.” She gave an example, noting how many students were concerned about the lighting on campus. She said that the senators brought up the student’s concerns with Campus Safety and Housekeeping, and got brighter lights installed around campus. On her position of an Orientation Leader, she said, “I loved being an orientation leader, and helping incoming first-year students adjust to college life in fun ways, through the events. It’s great to see them bond as a group.” She added that she became best friends with the other Orientation Leaders after the weekend.

Another position available is that of a Diversity Assistant. According to the Aquinas website, “Diversity Assistants serve as a resource by working in residential halls to create an inclusive AQ community and promote multicultural opportunities across campus.”

Simone Martens, a sophomore, is a current Diversity Assistant, and she feels that while the position can be challenging, she enjoys it because she finds this position “exciting, challenging, fulfilling,  and well worth any frustration that may arise.” As for what Aquinas is looking for in Diversity Assistants, Martens said that these characteristics stand out among likely candidates: creativity, patience, work ethic, determination. friendly attitude, and passion.

The final position open for student leaders is that of Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors work with AQ Admissions and other offices in representing Aquinas in various ways. Some aspects of the position are conducting campus tours, hosting overnight students, participating in AQ Days, and attending special events throughout the year. In order to become one, you must be nominated by faculty, staff or current Ambassadors. You have to be at least a sophomore, have a 2.7 GPA, and have a positive attitude, a good work ethic, and a genuine desire to promote the Aquinas College mission.

Being a student leader in any capacity requires hard work and dedication, but the positive effects you will have on the Aquinas College community will make it entirely worth it. From being a Resident Assistant to being a Student Ambassador, there’s something for everyone who wants to help.


About the Writer…

Ty SmithTy Smith is from a small town located in the thumb of Michigan. He loves writing, reading, music, and video games. He also believes that cats are better than dogs.

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