The Cavalry takes a trip to Texas


Story by Tom Doetsch, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of MLive

The cavalry that usually stands on guard at the front of the Grace Hauenstein Library is gone. The 2010 ArtPrize winner, Chris LaPorte, has temporarily moved his drawing to Texas for an exhibition.

LaPorte is an art professor here at Aquinas College. He teaches all levels of drawing, from the class for non-majors all the way to advanced drawing. He went through pencil after pencil to draw all 63 life-sized soldiers.

“I can’t imagine anything else being in the library. Anything can replace it, but nothing will ever truly take its place. The fact that LaPorte’s drawing looks like a photograph is a testament to his true skill and ability as an artist.” said sophomore art student Cordell Chester. When looked at up close the individual lines and shadings become visible; otherwise, the picture actually looks as if someone had taken a picture of the scene. An interesting fact about the drawing is that none of the people have irises, the colorful part of the eye that also contains the pupil. On his website, LaPorte says,

“I love to draw. I’ve pursued drawing as a vocation my whole adult life.” He is without a doubt very devoted and proud of his craft. When asked about how she felt that Cavalry had moved to Texas, Naomi Schmidt, a sophomore student senator, said,

“I think it is a fantastic opportunity for both Chris LaPorte and the Aquinas community. We get to have so much pride in the fact that Chris’s pieces get to be shared with another community.”

Art has the ability to bring people together, and even though everyone might interpret a piece in their own way, they’ve still shared a common experience as a community to admire and appreciate the profound beauty that art brings to the table. Even though the main attraction is still in Texas, there is still a lot of art to go around. The Art and Music Center has a lot of student art that usually isn’t in the spotlight for too long so why not go take a look?


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