Dirty Grandpa: Not a Film to Watch With the Grandparents

Photo Courtesy US Magazine

By: Haley Brink

Staff Writer

Dirty Grandpa, released on Friday, January 22 was one of the most vulgar and charming movies I’ve ever seen. The awe inspiring Zac Efron played as Jason Kelly, the lawyer grandson of the dirty ex-military grandpa, Dick Kelly (Robert De Niro). Jason and Dick set off to Florida the day after Dick’s wife’s funeral and a week before Jason’s wedding with his boss’s daughter, but Jason has no idea what Dick is really up to until it’s too late. This film is rated R for a reason, be warned.

As the two are on their journey to Florida, they run into Shadia (Zoey Deutch), Bradley (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman), and Parks and Rec star Aubrey Plaza as Lenore. Dick tells the spring breakers that he is a professor at Georgia State and that Jason is a photographer for the Times. This is unfortunately a very obvious flaw in the plot, because the lie in the beginning somehow always finds its way to the surface in every movie ever.

The two keep up with the lie so Dick can sleep with Lenore, who is trying to complete the “trifecta” for her senior year. This “trifecta” is to sleep with a freshman, a senior, and a professor by the end of the year. Fortunately for Dick, the only part Lenore has left to complete is the professor. The whole movie is basically Dick and Lenore trying to sleep with each other, and Jason and Shadia falling for each other.

Everyone gets into heaps of trouble partying, there are some wacky cops involved, Jason smokes some crack, and the rest of the film is full of twists and turns that will leave you speechless.

This film is not for those who want a subtle movie, those who want a clean movie, or those who don’t like hearing anything indecent. This film is meant for those who can put their morals away for a couple hours to just laugh at the worst of the worst, who can be okay with accepting raunchy humor every few seconds, and that can handle a significant amount of a naked Zac Efron – and his adorable cheeks.

Dirty Grandpa must be applauded as an astonishingly filthy movie. But it cannot be pushed away due to it’s foul-mouthed consistency, because it truly is a funny movie. Dirty Grandpa is worth watching at least once, if not solely for Zac Efron’s cheeky hindquarters. And when you think it’s the end, it’s not. The end is a mind-blowing.

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