The Saint

Letter to the Editor: Proud to be a Saint

It is not often that I think of writing a letter to the school newspaper. As a student development professional, I believe in the sovereignty of the paper and of the educational opportunity that it provides.  However, I also wanted to take this opportunity to reflect upon the wonderful leaders that we have here at Aquinas College.

In the last edition of The Saint, the editorial staff lead with the story, “Aquinas Students Lead.”

This article highlighted the roughly 90 students that took part in the Leadership in Action conference.  It shared highlights of the students and speakers that took part in giving up a Saturday to reflect upon servant leadership.

In the day to day things that keep students busy, a vote of our Student Senate may have gone largely unnoticed, however, it speaks volumes to the leadership that we have.  On Wednesday, our Student Senate passed a resolution to decrease and eliminate stipends that the senators had been in line to receive.

That is correct, an elected body voted themselves decreases!  The Senate benchmarked other colleges and saw that more good for the community could be done by taking existing striped money and dedicating funds to fund more of our RSO (Registered Student Organizations) projects. Thus this money will touch more people and allow for more events to be funded.

They reflected upon their roles and realized that they were not Senators for the money (many did not realize that they received stipends), but were Senators to represent their classes and provide leadership.  The money was not the driving force.  One can only hope that our elected officials in government take notice of this and follow the example of our Saints.

As a person that works with students on a daily basis, I have said repeatedly that I believe that the future is bright and that we have a great generation of leaders coming up.  Actions like this prove once again that this is true.

84959_f1dc6761bd5f8e7.jpgSo proud to be a Saint,

Brian Matzke


Associate Vice President for Student Affairs


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