Watching Netflix for The 100th Time

Story by Noah Kellogg, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly


Falling under the spell of binge watching Netflix is normal for most college students, and if you’re searching for that next binge, then the show The 100 is the perfect choice. Based off the book The 100 by Kass Morgan, TV writer and producer Jason Rothenberg creates an addictive series on post-apocalyptic survival of the human race.

The show starts on The Ark, a space station dedicated to keeping the human species alive while the Earth recovers from nuclear radiation. It has been 97 years since the world was annihilated by nuclear devastation, they believe in 100 years the radiation will clear and the human race can return to the ground and start over once more.

Scientists on The Ark have found out that their oxygen system has broken and requires six months to repair, but only have enough oxygen to survive three more months. The council on The Ark decides to send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth to find out if it is survivable or not.

The show centers around numerous characters and backstories, but mainly focuses on a teenage girl by the name of Clarke Griffin. Portrayed by Australian actress Eliza Taylor, Clarke is part of the crew sent to Earth to see if the human race could return to the ground once again.

Clarke struggles to contain civility among the group, as another character rises to power, Bellamy Blake. Portrayed by former soap opera actor Bob Morley, Bellamy becomes the leader of the group on the ground, but due to opposing viewpoints on certain matters, Clarke and Bellamy battle for the role as leader. The survivors soon find out that they are not the only ones on the Earth, and that they are in a fight to survive until help from The Ark arrives.

Of course with great shows, come great spoilers, which fortunately for you will not be revealed in this article. The 100 is a show that leaves plenty of cliffhangers at the end of each episode, so be wary when watching. I started watching this show on a Thursday, and finished two seasons, (plus two episodes of the new season) on the following Wednesday. Doing the math, in the span of six days, I watched about 20 hours of this show.
The 100 has drawn me into it’s amazing storyline and characters. I actually now have a new celebrity crush because of this show, Raven Reyes (Portrayed by Lindsey Morgan). To give a rating for this show, I give it a solid 100/100.  I highly recommend The 100 to anyone that wants to avoid their responsibilities for about a week.

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