Savory Saint: The Green Well

Story by Elizabeth Sensing, Reporter
Photo courtesy of The Green Well


It’s Valentine’s and I’m about to Valen-dine. I’m nervous, I spent all day getting ready to for my date. I’m a single woman at the crappiest time of the year. Instead of sulking with Netflix on a cold night, I am applying some lipstick and driving over to the predetermined restaurant.

The Green Well, which is located right across the street from Brewery Vivant, is a gastropub: “a no-nonsense approach to upscale world-wide cuisine in a casual, fun-loving atmosphere.” As I walk in, I get it. The interior is sleek and modern with high exposed ceilings, an open room with the bar slightly divided away. I recognize the server, a friend from school. “Hey, how are you? How many” she smiles. “One,” I respond. “Just one?” she is surprised. That’s right, I’m my own Valentine’s Date.

I’m surprised too, I’ve never been on a date with myself. As a student in high school, my English teacher told us that a sign of independence was the ability to take yourself out to dinner. I’m pushing my boundaries, turning off my phone, and taste testing The Green Well.

As I came alone on a Friday night, the server doesn’t know know where to put me. The bar seems to be where everyone is hanging out, waiting to be seated. It’s a little tight but no one seems to mind. She also contemplates putting me in the dining room, which is cozy with tables tucked in close together, a great community vibe. I am seated at a table next to one of the many high, open windows. If I had a date, certainly we would enjoy this spot. I’m pleasantly overwhelmed by their drink menu, settling for The Gin Bambi, which ironically has Valentine Liberator gin. It’s refreshing and holds me over as I wait for my appetizer, truffle fries.  Delicious, and signature to The Green Well, the fries are well seasoned and enough to share. I nod approvingly at the tall empty metal chair across from me and reach for another fry.

Around the time a typical couple would be launching onto small talk, I’m perusing for my main course. There are tons of options between salads, soups, and “plates”. These options look delicious, infused with local partners, and Michigan-made options. I order a wet burrito, which arrives as a generous serving. The flavors are on point and the plating style is intentional and looks upscale. Insert style points here, I’m suppressing the urge to Instagram my meal. So far this is my favorite date yet, enjoying quality time with yours truly, ignoring whatever awkward feelings I am having about sitting alone. As I’m eating, some of the veggie bravas and sweet corn miss my mouth. I take a crunchy chip and scoop that deliciousness up, I’m not here to impress anyone. Treat yourself.

And I do. This restaurant is more than just a treat. As I am getting everything boxed, I don’t skip dessert. We are talking chocolate orange almond tart. I’m not cutting corners on Valentine’s and this restaurant delivers.

I loved how The Green Well wines and dines me. It’s more upscale and a tad on the pricy side. However no one can afford to be frugal on Valentine’s Day. This place doesn’t disappoint, I leave knowing there will be a second date.

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