Deadpool, not your average superhero


Ryan Reynolds, Valentine’s Day lover:  Acton flick“Deadpool”is not your predictable superhero love story.

Story By: Haley Brink

Staff Writer

“Deadpool,” 2016 Action Comedy, was released on Valentine’s Day weekend. Though it was rated R, people everywhere were/and will continue to be tricked into thinking it is a super hero love story, which it actually was (in some ways). For those who don’t know what “Deadpool” is, it is recommended that you read up on it first, or you might be in for a surprise.
Ryan Reynolds, who is dangerously handsome, plays the dangerously super Wade Wilson. The movie jumps around quite a bit, but not so much that it’s hard to follow. Wade Wilson is ex Special Forces who falls in love, gets cancer, and has to find a way to keep his girl (and not die).
Wade trades in his dying body for a super body, though the process probably wasn’t quite worth it. He gains the ability to be healed after any kind of abuse, which proved to be hilarious when one of his body parts gets cut off and grows back in a…childish way.
“Deadpool” is not a movie for children, and you probably shouldn’t see it with someone who is appalled by super raunchy humor. There might be a handful of jokes that don’t hold any meaning, and don’t seem funny, though the theater audience will probably laugh anyway.
The very beginning of the movie, where the credits would be,was cleverly done. No spoiler alert, just read the beginning credits. It is made clear in the first couple minutes of the film that it is going to be filthy and suggestive, but who ever said that was a bad thing?
All kinds of emotions are streaked throughout this film, from happiness to shock and sadness to joy. The mix might feel confusing at first, but the ending is not what you might think. Aside from the fact that Deadpool has a lot of problems with his life, like becoming a superhuman, he also has a problem with his face. The whole movie is about his face. Imagine Ryan Reynolds with a face that looks like Mars. Even though his face is distorted for a majority of the movie, the pleasure of seeing his perfectly sculpted buns is enough to make up for any planet-like face.
“Deadpool” is funny, inappropriate, and downright filthy. In other words, get to the theater as soon as you can because Marvel has done it again. If there is anything to learn from this movie, it’s that even through the worst of experiences, it is possible to keep a sense of humor. Nobody has it as bad as Deadpool, he doesn’t even have a dishwasher.

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