Antique it up in Eastown: Clothing


By: Zoë Gipson

The Saint Reporter

Are you a Hipster? Prep? Soft Grunge? Punk? Hippie? Are you rolling in dough or buying your coffee in quarters? Are you trying to make a statement? Or just trying to find a dress higher quality than your local thrift store? No matter who you are, antiquing is for you! Or could be! No matter your experience level, or what you’re looking for (or what’s looking for you), Eastown has you covered.

Flashlight Alley:  2.75/5

(1507 Wealthy SE– right next to Yesterdog)

Among antiquers, Flashlight Alley sits fairly low, but if you’re looking for cheap clothing and local art, this is your place. After joining Eastown last summer, the mother-daughter duo began Flashlight Alley, as a space for local artists to sell their work, while providing an antique experience in Eastown. Items are split by type, with clothing racks dedicated to jackets and coats, humorous vintage shirts, more formalwear for men and women, shoes lining the ways, and women’s blouses. Items are always listed with their time periods, and while a small collections, Flashlight Alley is always bringing in new items, especially in their hat collections. Vinyls can consistently be found, while larger furniture pieces come and go.

ReBlue: 3.5/5

(1423 Lake SE– right next to Terra)

While not technically antiques, ReBlue provided a lot of the same products. ReBlue is an extension of Goodwill, specifically for nicer items that can provide more of a profit for the organization, and higher level service for their customers. ReBlue moved this summer to Eastown from a smaller front down on Diamond Avenue. Mostly providing clothing, ReBlue also has a large collection of vinyls, jewelry, and specialty items. Boxes of journals and notepads can be found throughout the store, with VHS and cassette tapes covers as the front page. Items are not always listed with their time period, and their women’s collection is overwhelmingly larger and more diverse than their men’s. Items are fairly priced, but can’t be negotiated.

I.C. Hair and Vintage: 4/5

(337 Diamond SE– behind Marie Catribs) @ICvintage and

If you’re looking for bolo ties, brightly colored cowboy boots, and furs of all types, this is your place to shop. While not technically in Eastown, I.C. certainly has the Eastown flavor, and isn’t too, too far away. The shop is also home to a hair salon, with a few stylists (if you’ve got curly hair, you’ve got to go see Bethany). This shop is organized by clothing type, i.e. button downs, shoes, jackets, hats, fur coats, fur wraps, and an incredible jewelry collection. While a bit more expensive than what most of us with a college-sized allowance might like, IC Vintage is fairly low when it comes to such high-quality items. The owner finds most of her pieces while driving up from vacations in Tennessee and the Carolinas, and has pieces from all time periods. Specialities also include turquoise jewlery, higher end dresses, and pieces with the Southern-bold style in clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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