Intramural spring preview

Story by Taylor Hodges, Sports Editor
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With Spring Break coming to a close, students may be wondering what they can do to take advantage of the seemingly warm weather outside. While most students go for walks, or play Frisbee on the soccer field, if you’re looking for some more competition you should consider signing up to partake in intramurals.

“I think intramurals are important for the student body because it is fun for everyone, great way to exercise, and it also builds long term relationships,” said intramural student director Bryan Mitzner. “It has impacted students by meeting new people and sharing similar characteristics with one another – whether you are a first-year looking to meet new people or a junior seeking to branch out of their typical friend group.”

The next sport on the list for spring is co-ed soccer which will take place during the fourth quad. This seven-on-seven league was brought into the schedule last year and due to its popularity, will be a mainstay in the lineup. It’s sure to be a great way to get some exercise and get competitive. The cost for co-ed soccer is $50 per team and if you’re looking to get involved you can email Bryan Mitzner or join the AQ Intramurals page on Facebook.

Generally speaking, intramurals has a new sport every quad, starting off with flag football in the first, co-ed volleyball in the second, basketball in the third, and co-ed soccer in the fourth. Having never participated in intramurals before, I thought I’d try out co-ed volleyball and boy was it fun. Not only do you get to meet new people, but you can get those competitive juices flowing if you aren’t one of the lucky few to participate in college sports.

“I think intramurals are important for the student body because it is fun for everyone, great way to exercise, and it also builds long term relationships,” said Mitzner.

Mitzner is always looking for ways to improve the intramural experience for the students, and sometimes that means taking a look at adding new sports.

“We are trying to add flag football and also dodgeball,” said Mitzner. “Like many of our sports we currently have, these two would also be co-ed sports.”

If you’re a student looking to get involved for the first time or you’ve been a veteran on the circuit, intramurals is a great way to get involved on campus if athletics is your thing.

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10301416_10155109711375080_5312500598063418902_nTaylor Hodges is a senior majoring in Sport Management/ Business Administration. He is the sports editor for The Saint and interns with the public relations department for the Grand Rapids Griffins. He hopes to one day break into the hockey business as a General Manager, but until then, encourages you to follow him on Twitter and download his mixtape.

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