A note from The Saint’s news editors

Story by Chucky Blackmore and Anna Musiyenko, News Editor 
Photo courtesy of The Saint 

An Ode to the News
Chucky Blackmore

Last year at this time, I considered myself a rookie news intern. I was slowly transitioning into my role as a news editor alongside my editor twin, Anna Musiyenko. Anna and I were a fortuChucky Blackmorenate duo because our skillsets complemented each other perfectly: she possesses a powerful understanding of international issues and how those affect us as college students, and I possess a knack for local (AQ and Grand Rapids) news as well as grammar and mechanics. We became the power editing team, creating our own system of receiving, editing, and placing articles in the paper.

In the fall of 2015, however, The Saint interviewed candidates for 2016-2017 editorial staff. Each and every person who interviewed possessed their own unique qualities. Making the final decision was difficult, especially because five editors are leaving us for good after this spring semester. Seniors Mayra Monroy (Editor-in-Chief), Taylor Hodges (Sports Editor), Anna Musiyenko (one-half News Editor), and Abbi Racine (Culture Editor), as well as junior Aaron Campbell (Managing Editor), will be bidding adieu, allowing the five candidates chosen from the fall to step forward and pick up the pieces.  

As news editors, Anna and I really had to consider what each news candidate wanted to bring to The Saint family. Through many variables, including writing experience, editing skills, and passion, the team unanimously picked first-year Tamara Tiethoff as the news editor–the one we saw best fit to fill our shoes.

Even though Tamara was guaranteed to assume the role of the news editor for next year, we couldn’t quite hand over the responsibilities to her just yet. We had to make sure she felt both confident and comfortable in her new role, which included the title “news intern.” Tamara proved to be more than just an intern; she started to take the initiative right away, editing articles, proposing article ideas, and she even continued to write two or three stories while helping Anna and I with placing articles. She is already proving to be a great asset to the team, and I can’t wait to see her in action and on her own come next year. Other great Saints who will be joining Tamara include first-year Madison Wilder (Managing Editor), sophomore Mackenzie Murphy (Editor-in-Chief), and juniors Mariah Cowsert (Opinion Editor) and Charlie Crowley (Sports Editor).    

Now you may be thinking, “Chucky, you’re a senior…right? Aren’t you graduating, too?” Okay, so you probably weren’t thinking that, but I’ll answer it to fulfill your new curiosity. I am a senior, but I will be staying an extra year to finish up my secondary education certification.  Because of this extra bonus year at AQ, I have no plans of departing from The Saint any time soon. In fact, while a door has closed with my role as a news editor, a new door has opened for me over in the culture section (it’s right next to the news section, so the move won’t be that striking). I am excited and thankful to be taking over a role the wonderful Abbi Racine has been filling for a long time. Assuming the role as culture editor will allow me to showcase my love for all things pop culture. More importantly, it will allow me to showcase the passion others share for culture as well. Thank you to my current and future newspaper staff for the wonderful experiences you have shared and will share with me in the coming year. See you over in the culture sections, folks!     

 A Goodbye Note
Anna Musiyenko

When a journalist is leaving a newspaper, there is always last piece of copy to file: the goodbye note. It is never easy. You are saying goodbye to your passion, crazy deadlines, tons of coffee, the job which you love, and a lAnna Musiyenkoot of close friends.

Last March, I had my first issue as the News Editor of the Saint. I was extremely happy to announce that my wonderful colleague (second-half News Editor) Chucky Blackmore and I were taking over the News section at AQ. I was never a professional journalist before I joined the Saint team, and I still have all my life to improve my writing and creative skills; however, The Saint gave me a hope in my future, a sign that I am on the right track in my life, proving that I can accomplish everything I have planned in my dreams if I only try extremely hard. My newspaper team showed me how to take interviews, work with different social media platforms, and communicate with our audience to make The Saint be an independent strong source of information.

In the past year, The Saint went through a lot of changes and developed its quality. I am so proud that I was a part of this process: we created our own website and, finally, became reachable online, we helped AQ clubs to organize more fun event on campus, and, the most important, we always represented the voice of AQ students.

I wish all the good luck to our brand new News Editor, Tamara Tiethoff. With her being beautiful inside and out, I know that she continue to report only worthwhile news to the students of the most wonderful college. Thank you to my reporters, staff writers, and editorial team for this experience and love which we all have for the newspaper.

But for me, it is time to graduate and start a new page in my life. Thank you, AQ, for always reminding me to be devoted to a calling, sharing positive energy and smiles. You are definitely responsible for the most extraordinary and unforgettable moments of my life. Once a Saint, always a Saint.


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