Abolishing the stigma of the starving artist

Story by Callie Cherry, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Brian Kelly

artarticleAs I sit in the Arts and Music Center, basking in the Friday sun that pours through the ribbon windows, I see a prospective student and their parent on a tour of the building. The disinterest is palpable, but as they peek through the corner of their eye into the studios, there is a twang of longing. Nearly all of us have some kind of creative outlet, but society discourages us from pursuing those dreams for more “marketable” futures. The stereotype of the starving artist is still strongly prevalent.

Yet, even though most people believe that an art degree means a lifetime of Maruchan and cheap beer in a dark studio, Etsy still broadcasts hundreds of success stories from creatives and Pinterest boards fill with original works. Artists are no longer solitary geniuses, no longer starving — we are entrepreneurs who need your support. The stigma of the starving artist only exists because people outsource their art instead of buying from artists they know, artists who are growing.

One only needs to look to the Aquinas art department to lend support. At the AMC, the student show is currently underway and open every day. You can view a diverse collection of art made by your peers, exhibited professionally. You can also find ceramics students marketing themselves and their work at the Academic Building. Artists in your own community are handing you Etsy-worthy work, at a reasonable price, without the pesky waiting period of shipping. A handmade mug that fits your hand and style is absolutely worth $20 (believe me, I have several).

Come support your Aquinas artists at Bridges on April 9, from noon until 9 p.m. at San Chez Bistro as part of Art.Downtown. An auction will be held to raise money for the Paris study abroad program.

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