Fuller House is full of surprises


By: Samantha Bell

Staff Writer

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the new Netflix series “Fuller House,” the reunion show of the 1990’s show “Full House.”

In a much similar storyline as “Full House,” DJ Fuller (Candace Cameron-Bure) is moving back into her childhood home to raise her three boys, Jackson (Michael Campion), Max (Elias Harger), and Tommy (Fox and Dashiell Messitt) after the death of her husband. Younger sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), as well as best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber), also decide to move in to help DJ get used to being a single mom. Along with Kimmy comes her 13 year old, Ramona (Soni Bringas.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a reunion without most of the other crew. Although the only time the whole crew is together is in the very first episode, there are multiple appearances by patriarch Danny (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin), and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) throughout the first season. Not only do those familiar faces make appearances throughout the season, but also some other faces we know all too well. One of these faces is DJ’s former boyfriend Steve (Scott Weigner), who ends up playing a big role in the season. Steve spends the season fighting for DJ’s heart, although he has some competition, he has some competition with DJ’s new partner, Matt (John Brotherton), whom she works at the veterinary clinic with.

Along with the drama that takes place in DJ’s life, Kimmy has her fair share of drama as well. Kimmy and her daughter Ramona move in while she is separating with her husband, Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace). Throughout the season, Fernando works hard to win Kimmy’s love back.

The only actress(es) who didn’t come back were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle in “Full House.” Don’t be disappointed though — the rest of the cast doesn’t forget about Michelle and references her multiple times throughout the season.

For those who watched ‘Full House’ growing up, like myself, “Fuller House” gives you a blast to the past, with a modern twist. From the opening credits, which show the characters both now and when “Full House” was being played, to all the references back to episodes of it, there is definitely a sense of nostalgia. You also can’t forget all the life lessons that “Full House” was infamous for, as well as all of the cheesy humor that everybody loves (or at least I think everybody does.) It was also announced that the show will be returning for a second season.

So, want to know whether DJ chooses Matt or Steve and whether Kimmy gets back with her estranged hubby Fernando, and much more? Or, do you just want to relive your childhood and see what this new show has to offer? Well, log into Netflix and check it out. You won’t regret it.

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