College journalism shaped my future

Story by Mayra Monroy, Reporter

I am a millennial. I overshare on Twitter, I will Instagram a picture of my coffee on Saturday morning, and I will share a “Only 90’s/00’s kids will remember this” article on Facebook. And in this, I fully agree when others call me the “typical” millennial, but just as it is easy to label me for my over sharing behaviors, I also label myself as being a new age journalist.

I learned to write and tell stories as a young girl living in a growing Texas city, and though it could’ve been “just a phase,” it was the starting point of my passion. I love to write. I love to read. And I love people. How lucky am I that I decided to pursue a degree and a career that would combine them all.

First and foremost, my time at Aquinas College isn’t measured in my time here, but by my experiences, the people I’ve met, and the preparation it gave me for what happens after May 7, 2016. I have served as The Saint’s Editor-in-Chief for two years. In those two years, I worked beyond what was expected of the role, and the rewards were everything I never knew would be so rewarding.

At the time that I took over for The Saint, it wasn’t doing so well. There was no importance to the student newspaper, no one was reading it. I am a self-proclaimed news junkie, so I was at every meeting, at every release, and religiously in search of the next story. The number of students at the meeting began to dissipate, and soon I was one of maybe three others who would stand in the basement of the Academic Building every other Wednesday.

I was the News Editor first. After a year and a half of dedicated writing, I was hired on The Saint’s staff for the News Editor position, which I would only possess for a month and a half before I became Editor-in-Chief. But when I took on my new role, I knew that it was going to change my life.

I put forth all of my effort and passion into the paper. I hired team members who were just as passionate about journalism and storytelling as I was, and I shifted Aquinas’ student newspaper into a new age building a website, updating the Facebook page, Twitter, and of course, the overall enthusiasm of college journalism at Aquinas.

As a millennial, I get most of my news from social media and the internet. I share stories that I find are interesting, thought-provoking, or just plain controversial in hopes of starting a conversation. With this frame of thought, I brought forth this conversation during my time as Editor-in-Chief. Let’s create stories that people want to read, interview people that we should get to know, and inform students on what is happening outside of the bubble surrounding AQ.

So read an article or two, share a story about Student Senate, Contemporary Writer’s series, or an opinion piece about why AQ squirrels are better than any other. Whatever you find interesting, let it be known.


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