RSO spotlight: Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club


12941184_10208187724442692_732136284_o.jpgStory by Mackenzie Murphy, Editor-in-Chief
Image courtesy of Emma Antel 

From kayaking to rock climbing, the Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club is off to a great start at Aquinas.

The new club, inducted officially as an RSO last fall, gives students the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in the greater Grand Rapids community.

“Our president, Emily Southerton, loves the outdoors and posted about the idea for the club on the Moose back in the fall,” said Sophomore Emma Antel, the secretary of the Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club. “A group of us showed up to hear what her ideas were, added some of our own thoughts and we decided on our eboard then and there!”

Since then, the club has lead a number of excursions into the outdoors, such as trail runs and beach trips.

“Our first adventure this fall was a kayaking trip on Payne Lake and Chief Noonday Lake. It was an awesome time and we definitely plan on doing it again next fall” said Antel. “We have had some members go on trail runs, hammocking around campus, and going indoor rock climbing. We also took a group out to Grand Haven for a beautiful sunset on the beach a few weeks ago.”

As this semester nears its final month and the weather starts to clear up, the Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club is busy planning new adventures.

“Coming up is our camping trip, we’ll be staying in Glen Arbor right in the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. We are leaving on Friday, April 29 and [will be] coming back Saturday night on the 30. Our short trip will be filled with some cool hikes, a sunset, a sunrise and of course, lots of outdoor adventuring.”

To get involved with Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club, contact Emma Antel at The “Aquinas College Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club” on Facebook.

About the Writer…

Mackenzie Murphy
is a sophomore at Aquinas College where she is the  Editor-in-Cheif for The Saint. She is also a freelance writer and high school debate coach. In her spare time, Mackenzie enjoys reading and geeking out over David Foster Wallace. Follow her on Twitter at @MurphyKenzio

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