Pistons push for playoff spot


Pistons guard Reggie Jackson currently leads the team in points, averaging 18.5 a game. Image courtesy of Kathy Willens/AP

Story by Taylor Hodges, The Saint Reporter

The Detroit Pistons are on a roll as of late having won against the Oklahoma City Thunder last Tuesday by a score of 88-82. The leader in rebounds for the game was none other than Andre Drummond with 15. Reggie Jackson chipped in with six assists while Marcus Morris scored a team-high 24 points.

Leading the team in PPG this year is Reggie Jackson with an average of 18.5. Jackson, who was originally selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the 2011 draft, came over to the Pistons in a three-player trade in late February. Jackson also leads the team with an average of 6.3 assists per game.Leading the team in rebounds averaging 14.9 is Drummond. Drummond led the team last year with an average of 13.5 rebounds.

The Pistons are currently in seventh place in the Eastern Conference which means it’s looking good for them to make the playoffs. In their last ten, the Pistons are 7-3 and while their road record is a menial 16-22, they’ve been great at home going 25-14. The Pistons are just above a .500 win percentage, so if they keep playing well at home and hold off Indiana, they should make it into the playoffs.

The Pistons lost against the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 89-98. Leading the team in points was Morris with 31. Jackson chipped in with 10 assists with Drummond have 17 rebounds.

On Saturday, April 2,the Pistons got a huge win against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center, winning by a score of 94-90. Leading the team in points was Jackson with 22. Drummond chipped in with 11 rebounds. Tobias Harris had four assists. The Bulls sit just outside the playoff picture and need two games to get the eighth spot.

The Pistons’ next matchup is tonight against the Orlando Magic who sit well below the playoff line with a record of 32-44. The Pistons have just three games left, facing off against the Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Washington is sitting only a few spots below the playoff line while Miami and Cleveland are virtual locks to make the playoffs. Unfortunately for Detroit, their record against the Wizards is 0-3, and with the season winding down, every point is crucial. Fans shouldn’t be worried however, because their record against Miami is a perfect 2-0 while they’re 2-1 against Cleveland. All games are broadcast live on Fox Sports Detroit or Fox Sports Detroit Plus.

Let’s hope the Pistons keep winning so we can see some NBA playoff action back in Detroit.

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