AQ student competes in ArtPrize 8

Bailey Artwork

Story by Veronica Burns, Staff Writer 
Photo courtesy of ArtPrize

Sophomore AQ student Bailey Gulch can add ArtPrize artist to her resume after submitting her piece to the festival’s eighth annual event. Her “Luminous” piece is a photograph she took this past spring in Grand Haven, MI, and she is looking forward to displaying it downtown GR for the public.

Gulch was at an AQ floor program where she and other on-campus residents visited Grand Haven when the photograph was taken. It was a cold early spring day out on the pier behind the lighthouse and she was excited to take some photos. Watching the water crash repeatedly over the edge, she used rapid shooting and patience to capture the image that she wanted.

Photography is something Gulch has mainly taught herself, and loves to spend her free time doing it, when she’s not bowling. She credited the one class she took in both high school and at Aquinas, along with her dad for teaching her bit as well. Rapid-shoot and not looking at all the photos taken until later are her favorite styles, and she laughed when telling me how little storage her Mac has left because of this.

A Canon EOS Rebel and digital media are her photography go-to items and she displays her work on her Facebook page: Bailey Behr Photography. She’s always looking for new places and people to take photos up to build her resume, so check out her page if you’re in need of a photographer.
“Luminous” will be on display at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown & Jam’n Bean Coffee Company at the Waters Center from September 21 to October 9. Gulch is very happy with this location since it is a central spot downtown. Her voting code is 62621.

Gulch describes her photograph in a poetic way that reflects its beauty: “As the sun dips below the horizon, the sound of the Lake Michigan waves crash in a rhythmic pattern. Your heartbeat slows to match the beat of the waves. The cool wind brushes against your cheek as night rolls in. Everything starts moving in slow motion. Your body finds its center in the sand between your toes. You are at peace.”

About the Writer…

Veronica Burns, Senior Staff WriterVeronica Burns is a senior studying a dual business communication major and journalism. Her loves include cats and actor Tom Hiddleston.

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