Grace Hauenstein Library turns 10

Story by Adrianna Tiche, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Erhardt Construction

On Friday, Sept. 9 there was a party to be seen. There was cake and speeches to be consumed. This was all for the Grace Hauenstein Library, formerly known as the Jareki Lacks Advance Center for Learning, 10 year anniversary.

In 2003, a committee was put together to develop a plan for a new library location. Professor Gary Eberle, head of the English Department, was on the committee, and it was he who came up with the idea of building the library where it is today.

Plans were drawn to add an additional 26,000 square feet and the idea was put into motion. Woodhouse Library would be no more, and Grace Hauenstein Library would rise.

Shortly thereafter, in 2004, Library Director Teresa Sturrus resigned. Ed Balog, then Provost, promoted Francine Paolini, and Shellie Jeffries as library co-directors. Paolini and Jeffries worked so well, they are still serving in their positions today.

In the summer of 2006, the library team re-cataloged every book, switching from the Dewey Decimal system to Library of Congress. It was out with the old ways of cataloging and in with the new. That was the busiest summer for the library ever; it was all hands on deck to make the re-cataloging and the move a great success.


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