Rock the Block 2016 brings variety to AQ


Story by Carlos Hernandez, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Will Comai

As the first full month of school wraps up, Aquinas Saints flock to one of the most quintessential events of the year: Rock the Block, sponsored by Residence Life. This Cook Carriage House party took place on Friday, September 16, from 5-9 p.m., and involved the traditional serving of Papa John’s Pizza, Jimmy John’s, and Yesterdog. Of course you cannot have Rock the Block without the rock…and blues…and jazzy ballads…and alternative rock…and rap…but I assure you it was a rockin’ time.

First off, the food was good as always. Despite a disappointing lack of garlic sauce, it was a joy to see so many boxes of Papa John’s pizza greeting me as I walked in. The pizza lasted a while, so there was plenty for everyone. I was also satisfied with Jimmy John’s, especially because Residence Life ordered a vegetarian option (thanks for that, guys) with a cheese sandwich tray. Yesterdog came by last and I unfortunately did not get to have any, but I imagine it was yummy.

Then were the activities, which included raffling off prizes, ladder ball, caricature drawings, and henna/face painting. Everyone was excited to participate in the raffle leading up to the 32-inch television (which had to be drawn for three times.) The line for henna was a mile long and caricatures were also very popular.

For music this year, there were 5 acts: Cønrad Shøck, Olivia Vargas and Friends, Long Term Access, Kevi Morse, and Pistol Pete and the Swisher Sweets.

Cønrad performed first with his modernized take on blues, which seemed to have a country twang to it. Olivia and Friends performed original music from their newly released album, “Tabula Rasa,” which can be found on their Facebook page (

Long Term Access was on afterwards with their brand of garage rock, and is currently one of the longest running acts at Rock the Block, having performed in three previous Rock the Block events. Next, was a Christian-Rap act, Kevi Morse, who switched between a cappella and accompaniment. His was the most involved as he asked the audience to join him in a call and response.  

Wrapping up the musical performances was Pistol Pete & the Swisher Sweets, whose style was described as being influenced by early 2000’s alternative rock. They are the other long performing act, having been involved in the last four Rock the Block events, under their previous name Velcrofibs.

The event seemed to have a positive response with students, especially junior Cynthia Ekdom, who attended the event and said, “The music was good. There were a lot of people as well so I was outside for most of it. Good thing it didn’t rain until the very end.”

That wraps up another successful Rock the Block. There were a lack of tables this year, but I imagine it was because of the predicted bad weather, which explains why the acts were inside this year. Speaking as a senior, I can say that I look forward to what the signature event series has in store for us next.

About the writer…

CarlosCarlos “Eddie” Hernandez is a fifth-year student at Aquinas and has been writing for the newspaper for a year and a half. He is an Acting and Music Major and is also a member of AQPB. His hobbies include ponies and Pokèmon. Other hobbies include eating and sleeping.

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