You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate art

Story by Madison Wilder, Managing Intern
Photo courtesy of experiencegr.com

As an inhabitant of the Grand Rapids community, it’s about that time of year when I am reminded that I wish that I was exponentially more artistic. It’s the time of year to make plans to head downtown, complain about the lack of free parking, and then further, (hopefully) enjoy the greatest thing GR has to it’s name (after all the beer): ArtPrize.

I’m no artist, but I love ArtPrize.

Though this is only my second year actually living in Grand Rapids, I have been making the journey to visit ArtPrize since it first began back in 2009. Most years I made the trip several times in the three week period that the event goes on.

In the more recent years when I have gone, I have begun to appreciate the event more and more. I have never taken an art course that wasn’t required and I probably never will either. I do not enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting or even making music, but I sure do appreciate people that do. In my opinion, ArtPrize is continually the most beautiful thing I have ever seen year after year. I am and will forever will be in awe of the pure talent that surrounds me every day.

Along with the art itself, I am absolutely in love with the atmosphere of ArtPrize. The amount of people surrounding and mutually admiring all of the work that litters the downtown area is beautiful to me.

I am and will forever will be in awe of the pure talent that surrounds me every day. I only wish that ArtPrize were around all year so I could admire the beautiful people all around me.

This school year I have been making a personal effort to try and appreciate things that are not necessarily in my comfort zone. Though I have always enjoyed the art that flows through Grand Rapids this time of year, I hope to carry out my ability to be happy for others beyond just the arts.

To those people out there who hate art and struggle to find the beauty in things you don’t necessarily relate to, try to consider those who created it and what they might have gotten out of it. My younger brother opened me up to this idea unintentionally when he became a part of the high school marching band. Seeing his hard work and the pride that comes from making his beats on the snare drum has made me into a huge marching fan. So before you hate on the art, or think about skipping the festival altogether, remember that some people worked really hard to make some really cool stuff. Appreciate it.

About the Writer…

Madison Wilder is a  sophomore student from Grand Haven, Michigan. Her interest and hobbies include swimming, reading, being outside, and reading/editing newspapers.



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