Community as faith: welcoming Robert J. Gilmore, Associate Dean of Campus Ministry

Story by Kirsten Fedorowicz, Staff Writer

Robert Gilmore is coming to Aquinas from DePaul University in Chicago, and is mystified by the campus environment.

“I’m proud of myself for not getting lost in the woods anymore,” Gilmore said. “The natural environment here is beautiful.”

Gilmore expressed his excitement for the small things to love about Aquinas, bragging about being an “official moose mugger.” Gilmore is excited about more than just coffee and trees. He has been impressed with the warmth and the kindness of the people here, especially everyone’s happiness to be here.

Robert Gilmore is the new Associate Dean of Campus Ministry. He has been welcomed to the department by people such as Eric Bridge, the service learning coordinator.

“I’ve found Robert to be very friendly and personable as well as a man committed to his faith. He possesses great strategic skills and ideas that will benefit the College.” Bridge said.

Gilmore will be involved in the services offered by the Campus Ministry department such as service learning trips, retreats, and volunteer opportunities. He mentioned being impressed with Aquinas’ mission, and looks forward to learning from the experiences of the people here and addressing the needs of the students.

Gilmore said that he had been called into this role in ministry, and has always been interested in working with people.

“I love relationship building. It does a lot to realize we belong together as a whole.”

He decided to work in colleges after his experiences working on his Masters in Ireland, finding the growth of young adults particularly fulfilling.

“What is purposeful work, what am I called to become? I think these questions are an important part of Catholic higher education.”

He credits his bachelor in psychology for ability to “pay attention to a person and understand what is going on in their lives.” He loves service trips in particular because of their message of love and connectedness.

Gilmore is excited to attend the retreat trip CYBIAC, one of the favorites in the campus ministry depart. He looks forward to getting to know the students better and have one-on-one conversations and grow spiritually within the community.

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