RSO spotlight: AQ Acappella


Story by Bridget Gibley, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Facebook/AQ Acapella 

If you’ve seen the hit movie Pitch Perfect, you know about a cappella groups on college campuses (and you may even have tried to sing —or beat box—along). But did you know that Aquinas College has its very own group of singers performing this style of music?

In the past, Aquinas has boasted a few different versions of a cappella groups, but Sophomores Christina Gonzalez and Chase Reppen are making it clear that their group is the new and improved AQ Acappella. The two students began to talk about the idea for this group early last school year, and the group became a Registered Student Organization (RSO) last spring, making this their first full year as a group.

Earlier versions of the group on campus were called AQPella, but Gonzalez and Reppen chose the name AQ Acappella because they wanted to “make some sort of distinction, however subtle, between us and those groups that faded out.” AQ Acappella is a relatively new RSO, but it is clear that they have heart and are passionate about this project — and that they are here to stay.

“I’m looking forward to growing this RSO into something that will hopefully stick around AQ for a long time,” said Gonzalez.

A cappella style singing is music performed without instrumental backing. As Gonzalez points out, this type of music really showcases a group’s talent and effort. It may be a bit more challenging, but “the performance pay out is always worth it.” She also praises the “laid back vibe” of the group and says she hopes their performances will appeal to people with various tastes in music.

The group currently has fourteen members and five voice parts: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and a beat boxer. They practice once a week on Sunday afternoons, so as not to discourage potential members with a large time commitment. Right now, they are working on an arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner that they are hoping to be able to perform at home sporting events.

Other than the national anthem, they are planning to work on popular music and types of music that would maybe not be sung in Aquinas’ other music ensembles. Reppen and Gonzalez choose the songs that the group performs, but they do take suggestions from the group into consideration when selecting songs for their repertoire.  

If you are interested in seeing AQ Acappella perform, keep an eye out. They will be around campus at various events, like open mic nights, talent showcases, and sporting events. Gonzalez also teased a few other projects in progress that will hopefully be announced soon.

For more information on AQ Acappella and on their upcoming performances, find them on Facebook (AQ Acappella), Twitter (@aq_acappella), and Instagram (@aq.acappella).


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