Student spotlight: Ben Plackowski

IMG_1209.jpgStory by Ty Smith, Staff Writer
Image courtesy of Adrianna Triche, Saint Photographer

Ben Plackowski is a Sophomore Resident Assistant from Zeeland who has quite a love for Aquinas.

“My favorite thing about Aquinas is definitely the community aspect. I love the small campus, being able to walk to pretty much any class and be able to say hello to two, three, four people and actually know them personally. You couldn’t do that at a big college.”

He also mentioned how easy it was to get involved on campus. Plackowski’s a prime example of this. Aside from being an RA, this is his first year representing sophomores on Student Senate and he also serves as the treasurer for Enactus, an on-campus social entrepreneur club. Plackowski said that he enjoys Enactus’ unique take on social work.

“We do a lot of things,” Plackowski said about Enactus, “We’re doing wells in Africa, for instance, and right now we’re doing Steepletown, which is a tutoring service downtown. It’s sort of a mix between service projects and entrepreneurship.”

Plackowski is pursuing an accounting major and economic minor, but he said his favorite professor would be in the Music Department.

“My favorite professor would have to be Doc Brewer in the Music Department. He’s quite an energetic, fun guy, and he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to jazz. If I had to pick one from accounting, I’d have to go with Professor Burdock.” Plackowski enjoys playing the saxophone, and is rather good at it.

In his spare time he likes to play Xbox, basketball, and soccer. He loves music in general, but he specifically listens to Alternative Rock, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers being one of his favorite bands. His favorite animal would be dogs, specifically pugs because of their cuteness.

About the Writer…

Ty SmithTy Smith is from a small town located in the thumb of Michigan. He loves writing, reading, music, and video games. He also believes that cats are better than dogs.


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