Should Election Day be a National Holiday?

Story by: Elizabeth Schoof, Saint Reporter
Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com

When an election as crucial as the 2016 Presidential election comes around, it is incredibly difficult to not have an opinion. The voice of the people has never mattered more than it does right now and (unfortunately) it has been increasingly difficult for many people to get to the polls and make that voice heard. There are many citizens in the United States that cannot find time to submit their ballots on Nov. 8 because of school, work, and personal responsibilities. Election Day needs to be a national holiday for many reasons, but especially because it would provide many individuals with the opportunity to make voting a priority.

If we made Election Day a national holiday, it would not only provide individuals with more time to vote, it would give us a chance to celebrate that we have the privilege to vote. There are far too many countries in the world that don’t allow their citizens any form of a voice. The United States not only allows citizens the opportunity to use their voice, it consistently tells them how important it is to be heard. If something such as voting is as vital to our country’s success as so many believe it is, it makes sense to make Election Day a holiday and celebrate it.

When you take the time to look at some of the smaller holidays here in the United States, there’s a lot of confusion in terms of the significance of the holiday. Labor day was originally created in an effort to show the working class that their accomplishments were appreciated by the government. Now, there are many members of the working class that have no option but to work through Labor Day. Another holiday of questionable quality is Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus is known for discovering the Americas, but he is also known for causing a lot of trauma to the lives of many innocent Native Americans. There are many holidays here in the United States that don’t make much sense to have. Why not replace one with Election Day?

Election Day is about more than casting a vote. It’s about celebrating the privileges we have here in the land of the free. Maybe if we took the time to recognize how great our democracy is, people would get out and participate more actively in it. Election Day is a day that should be celebrated. It’s the chance for a fresh start and new opportunity. Rather than dread the day when it rolls around, we should be excited to participate and make our voices heard.

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