Celebrate nerd times, Con on!



Story by Ashley Bolek, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Facebook

Every year when I walk onto the convention floor, I feel a sweet release of stress from midterms, classes, and work. I hear conversations surrounding me about Star Wars, comics and anime. Costumes made from hand surround me, and Deadpools walk around the floor terrorizing the people. There are even little kids running around in Spider-Man suits running up the older heroes asking for pictures with them.

I have gone to the past three Grand Rapids Comic Con showings. One year with a three-day pass, and the past two years just on the Sunday. When I had the three-day pass, it was when the Con was at the Deltaplex for the last year. When I bought the three day pass, it was because my friend had as well. I decided that the pass was fun, but not worth the money if there was not a certain person there I wanted to see. I mostly liked to go for the fan art and comics that I could get while there. I was not there so much for the celebrities. Getting the one day pass for the smallest day is always my favorite because then people start putting sales onto their stuff, such as 40% off of some comics. It also is not so crowded where you feel like that you cannot move. The flow of the crowd, however, has gotten better since it moved to the Devos Place.

There is one author that has come every year that I always look forward to seeing while I am there. Her name is Susan Dennard, and she has written the “Something Strange and Deadly” series. I have visited her the past three years and it is always a joy to talk to her. Even if you only talk to her for 10 minutes a year, she remembers you the following year. She mentioned that even though her years are always getting busier, she will always make time to come out to Comic Con.

The biggest cosplay that I noticed from the crowd was “Fallout 4” characters and “Bob’s Burgers” characters. Of course there were all the Deadpools and Spider-Mans, but to me, it seemed like “Fallout 4” won the majority.

Every year I have gone, no matter how crowded or how expensive the food is, everyone seems to enjoy themselves. The best part is seeing people meet a voice actor that they love so much. No matter how long people wait for tickets, they always enjoy themselves and get cool stuff from all the vendors. The only complaint that I have heard from multiple people is that they need to get more well-known actors. They usually have one pretty well-known one; Simpson from “Jessica Jones” was at Comic Con this year. However, that is usually it. It would be nice for there to be some more well-known ones, but since the Con is still fairly new, it will probably be awhile until we get some more known actors.

Overall, Comic Con is always a fun time whether you are there for a day or three. This Con will surely help the comic culture of Grand Rapids grow bigger and bigger each year.  There is something there for everyone, from board game rooms to panels about anime, and even comics on sale. Hopefully the Con will continue to grow and grow until we get as big as San Diego or New York. No matter what, though, I will continue to go and celebrate my nerdom.

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