Get acquainted with the sensational Astrid S



Story by Veronica Burns, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Astrid S Facebook Page 

Astrid S is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter from Rennebu, Norway. She started off in the business at age 16 when she competed in the Norwegian version of “Pop Idol,” where she placed fifth. Since then she’s been focusing on her music and making herself an international name.

I first discovered Astrid S when she was opening for Troye Sivan’s show in Dublin. I was captivated by the uniqueness of her voice, whimsical like Ellie Goulding with the ease of Ariana Grande’s. Her vulnerable lyrics are provocative but innocent at the same time. This would be a hard mix to carry out, but it’s done so flawlessly and her ever prominent smile shows that. She relies on her strong voice and originality, which set her apart from the competition.  

She released her first self-titled EP this summer. It features five songs, which helped give her a bigger platform since she had only four other songs on Spotify before this. One of my favorites is the song “Hyde,” which also has a beautiful live-from-the-studio version as well. She got inspiration for the song from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She emailed The Fader about the theme, saying,  “It’s about how you can just become another person by being drugged, drunk—or even in love. And not being aware of it.”

It’s hard to narrow down which genre she specifically fits in. Astrid does a bit of electronic, pop, R&B, and whatever she’s feeling at the time. Being spontaneous with her music and in everyday life is part of who she is. Sometimes on stage she dresses as Sia, and sometimes she throws a cake in her face during her set. She doesn’t care what people think and this is a characteristic I hope she keeps with her rising fame.  

“Hurts So Good” is her most popular song and it’s been featured on popular places, such as Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits. Charts like these have been helping her break into the U.S. music scene. Touring with Troye Sivan during his European Blue Neighbourhood tour the first leg of his US Suburbia Tour has been providing her a great outlet as well.

During this tour she has been performing songs that aren’t on the EP but are suspected to be on her upcoming album. This includes “Naked” and “Party’s Over.” A date for her upcoming album has not been released because she doesn’t want to rush in finalizing it. She told that if her debut album was a person it would be described as “a young, curious and adventurous person. Someone that is not afraid of taking chances or being heartbroken.”

She is currently nominated for the EMA’s “Best Norwegian Act” and I believe she is on the rise to becoming the next big singer. Make sure to check out her music and her various social media accounts to get a laugh.

About the Writer…

Veronica Burns, Senior Staff WriterVeronica Burns is a senior studying a dual business communication major and journalism. Her loves include cats and actor Tom Hiddleston.

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