“Miss Peregrine” proves to be too creepy for the younger audience



Story by Adrianna Triche, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Fox Movies 

After much anticipation, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” came out on Sept. 30. The inner child within me was sitting on the end of her chair waiting for this captivating story to be told. The film overall had the classic Tim Burton feelthe same type of feel he has always given us. Eerie with a sense of adventure was carried throughout the film. Tim Burton has created an image for the words by Ransom Riggs to be brought to life. Many adults have read the trilogy and have had high hopes for the movie.

Critics have many feelings on the film, but yet seem to feel the same way. Samantha Whittle from The DM Online expresses feeling overwhelmed with Tim Burton’s creepy characters and quirky settings.  

Smiliarly, on critics said, “…this movie deviates from the typical young-adult fantasy formula by adding a disquieting and disturbing dose of horror-movie imagery and ideas. It’s a thematic element that left me feeling glad to leave Miss Peregrine’s home behind when the credits finally rolled after two hours and eight minutes of this heroic-yet-horrific story…”

The overall consensus seems to be that “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” while creepily eerie and adventurous, is too creepy for the younger audience it was hoping to attract.

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