AQ Artist Spotlight: Michael Pierce



Story by Robin Housekeeper, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Alex DeYoung 

Michael Pierce is currently a senior finishing up his work on a music major with a guitar performance emphasis and a minor in communications. As of right now his favorite music group is Radiohead, which he also likes to listen to, as well as a few other rock bands. He has come to Aquinas because he saw himself doing well here.

Michael has been drawn to music for two reasons. The first is because music can be a lifelong challenge. The second reason is because music can be mentally stimulating as it’s one of his creative outlets. He started learning to play the guitar, his first instrument, when he was 10. He said it was due to the fact that his brother had started learning so he wanted to as well.

After starting guitar lessons to learn he just didn’t stop. Michael enjoys playing Latin American music, rock, jazz, and classical music. Picking from classical or jazz, he prefers to play classical. He says it’s because it’s more freethere’s more room for interpretation, he doesn’t have to rely on other people, and it’s not as stressful. Though he also knows a little bit of piano.

Michael has been writing music for a little while now. He normally will write the music part, or he will collaborate with some others who give other parts to a song. He plays guitar in the bands, Long Term Access and  Conrad Shock and The Noise. On Dec. 2 Long Term Access with be performing at Mulligan’s Pub. It will be a free show, but you have to be 21 or older to get in. Then Michael will even be performing with Conrad Shock and The Noise on Dec. 3 at Rocky’s Bar and Grill starting at 9 p.m. You have to be 21 years old or older to get in, and it costs $5. If you are able to go, they will be playing 6 songs and they are planning to release their new single.

Coming to Aquinas has helped Michael in different ways. He believes that over the past four years his ability to play different songs has expanded. He has also found new passions throughout playing. He also has made more connections through his guitar teacher. After he graduates in the spring, he plans on going to graduate school for music and teaching guitar, while still performing for people. His advice for music students is to practice and practice, as that’s the only way to get better.

Of course, the one thing we all would like to know about is his hair. Michael has been growing his hair out for a while now, though he doesn’t have a reason for doing so. He said that it’s because he doesn’t know what to do with it, and so he doesn’t do much with it besides putting it in a bun.

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