Visit the Vault of Midnight to fulfill your comic book needs



Story by Liz Ptaszynski, Staff Writer
Photos courtesy of Liz Ptaszynski

It’s no secret that technology holds an overwhelming power over all of us. If there’s a question on an assignment we don’t understand, we Google it. When we meet someone and want to get to know them, we add them on Facebook. When we think of something funny, we tweet it.  

It’s become maddening. And though I can appreciate a good selfie on Instagram as much as the next girl, isn’t it time we took a step back from it all? Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind going back to more simpler days. Days where I wasn’t consumed by the things that were being shown on a 4.7-inch cellphone screen.

Going back to simpler days isn’t going to be easy, and there will be some who might not understand, but for those of you who are wanting to travel back to a time where things just felt more effortless, the best training I can offer you begins at the Vault of Midnight.

Located on Monroe Center Street NW, this little haven can provide you with all the necessary tools to start a journey of appreciating the little things. Just walking in, you will surely be greeted by a friendly staff and some hip music that will instantly welcome you to a place you soon might refer to as home.

The shop is filled with shelves upon shelves lined with comics that will make you forget all about how you only got 20 “likes” on your Facebook post about the outcome of the election.


What makes this shop so amazing, unlike many comic book stores you might go to, is this one is very beginner friendly. If you are someone who is new to comic book reading, the staff is gracious enough to guide you to find the perfect graphic novel for you. Whether you enjoy romantic, horror, action, or a peculiar combination of all three, there is a comic book out there for you just waiting to be read.

My favorite thing about this shop is how knowing the staff is. After finishing a comic, they welcome you to return and discuss what you thought of it.

My recommendation? “Sweet Tooth” by Jeff Lemire.  It is a great sci-fi comic sure to knock your socks off. This comic shop offers the entire series, and will be there for you afterwards when you need to gush about the ending.

There is no better time to check out The Vault of Midnight. As the temperature is rapidly beginning to fall, nothing sounds better than to crawl up in a cozy chair with a great comic and a nice cup of coffee. So take a trip downtown and check out the comic book you’ve been missing.

The internet will be there later.  

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