Dr. Grin’s is the funniest place in town


Story by Liz Ptaszynski, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Beer O’Clock GR

We are almost there, Saints. The end of the semester is clear in sight. And while our eye is firmly on the prize, it’s important for us to take time for ourselves. It’s all too easy to let the stress overpower us. It’s a venomous force that seems to prey on us in our weakest of moments, grabs on and clings onto us, affecting everything we do until it eventually wins in an inevitable breakdown.

As distressing as this may sound it’s important to know that we have the means to compensate this unsensational evil. Our best strategy to make it through finals week is to combat it with carefully placed breaks, good friends, and countless laughs.

There are many places in Grand Rapids, where this can be accomplished, however one of my favorites happens Dr. Grin’s Comedy Club at the B.O.B.

Located in the heart of downtown at 20 Monroe Ave. NW, this unique venue brings nationally acclaimed stand-up comedians to light for an evening of guaranteed laughs every weekend. What’s really nice about Dr. Grin’s is that despite it’s cozy atmosphere, it is bursting with energy and excitement at the seams. When you walk in you are overcome with this feeling that something truly awesome is about to take place.

Though the venue is 21 and up, it has this way of making you feel like a kid, with comedians so funny that you will laugh like you did when you were younger.

“What makes this place different than any other place I have ever performed at is honestly just how at home it makes you feel. When I get on stage, I feel like I’m just having a conversation with my friends; it makes it fun to perform when you’re so in touch with the audience,” said comedian Steven Kris, recalling his previous performances there.

One of the only comedy clubs in Grand Rapids, Dr. Grin’s has also brought other comedians, including Pauly Shore and Aries Spears. As a new Grand Rapidian, I am somewhat mesmerized by all that Dr. Grin’s has done for our community. Though a big city, Grand Rapids, has the kind of familiarity that a small town has dwindling on its streets. So to look at a venue that is bringing such influential people from the comedy scene to our home makes everything feel so surreal.

This place does not just promise a good laugh though. They also promise a great meal and some really killer specialty drinks. My recommendation is the Peanut Butter Pie, that oozes sweetness and temptation that is impossible to pass up.

With the stress of finals among us, it’s easy to get caught up in the mess of it all, but it’s important to make time for yourself as well. So come on down to Dr. Grin’s and have a laughyou will not regret it.

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