10 gift ideas for the holiday season

Story by Robin Housekeeper, Reporter
Photos courtesy of Pexels 

With the holiday season fast approaching, people are hitting the stores and internet to purchase the best gifts for their friends and loved ones.  With so many products out there, how do we know which ones people will need and enjoy most? Here is a list of 10 hot items that can make great presents and stocking stuffers this Christmas.



As the end of the semester has come to an end, some students might be low on pencils, pens, or highlighters. Help them out with new pencils for the new semester, once we make it through finals. It’ll also work for those who enjoy writing stories or poems out before typing.



Everybody needs to eat something, so why not get them little snacks or candy that they like? You can’t really go wrong with food; just make sure that they aren’t allergic to anything in the food you get them.



As Michigan has finally blessed us with snow, socks are always a good idea for a gift. Nobody can have enough socks when living in Michigan. You can go for a plain pair of socks, or you could try finding fun pairs that would make them laugh and feel cozy at the same time.

4.Mugs or water bottles


If you have someone that you’re close with who likes coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, try getting them a mug. Mugs are so easy to find, and there are so many to choose from most of the time. You should be able to find a person a mug that they will like easily. If they aren’t into coffee or tea, you could always get them a water bottle.

5.Wall decorations or chalk


For the people who like to decorate, there is always wall decor. Just make sure that if they live on campus, it can come off the walls easy once May arrives. If they live in the dorms on campus and like to decorate their door, get them some chalk so they can keep up with the seasons or holidays on their own door.



If someone you know likes to take care of things, get them a small plant. There are many flowers or cacti you could get someone. You can even get them seeds for them to plant themselves.

7.Lanyards or keychains


To keep keys together, as we all must have a few, lanyards are an easy way of keeping them together. They are pretty easy to find as well. If not, there’s keychains that are found everywhere. There are many different lanyard designs and keychains that you can get.



For people who love to listen to music, there are earbuds you can get almost anywhere. Most stores have a variety of earbuds to pick from, so why not grab a few different ones and see what they like?

9.Playing cards, board games, or puzzles


Finals have come and we are all trying hard to study.  At the same time, we all need to give ourselves a break every so often. If you’re studying in a group or know people who will be in study groups, playing cards are an easy way to pass the time when you should be taking a short break.

10.Gift cards

gift cards.jpeg

If you can’t think of anything that a person might like there are always gift cards. Just make sure it’s to a place that they like.

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