The last Jedi in the galaxy is…



Story by Ashley Bolek, Reporter 
Photo courtesy of Star Wars Facebook 

The lights in the theatre come up as the screen goes to the credits and the theme is playing, theories of what the next movie’s plan is already starts to fill my brain. Seeing as almost every theory I came up with for “The Force Awakens” was wrong, take everything that I say with a grain of sand from Tatooine.

Now we all know that “the Force Awakens” title is because the force awakens in Rey. The movie leaves us with our first image of old Luke and Rey handing him his lightsaber back. We also leave Finn in what seems to be a coma after the explosion and Poe is helping out Leia with the Resistance somewhere in the galaxy.

Local Aquinas Star Wars enthusiast, and junior, Brock Gabbert has a theory on “The Last Jedi” title. He said that he thinks Rey and Luke are going off to find more Jedi.

“Jedi is the plural of Jedi. So I’m thinking it’s Luke and Rey maybe searching for some surviving Jedi from another time.”

After taking into account Gabbert’s theory, let’s break it down into my theory on “The Last Jedi” and what is going to happen.

I believe that Rey is going to be the last Jedi in the world. Not because Luke is going to die or go away, but she is going to be the last person trained as a Jedi. In the end, from what I think is going to happen, Rey will start training Jedi a different way. The failure rate for Jedi has been higher than what you would hope of Padawans going over to the Dark Side. I think Rey is going to change the way Padawans are trained, making them technically not Jedi. They would become a new type of Jedi with a different name for them perhaps.

Now on to theories that are not involved with the title. I believe Leia was going to die, no matter what happened this past December.(May the Force Be With you, Carrie) There just has not been a big enough reaction to Carrie Fisher’s passing that I do not think her death created much of a change to the series. I also think that since Harrison Ford is signed on for this movie, he may come back as a Force Ghost because he did accept the Force before his death.

The definition of a Force Ghost on Wookieepedia, The Star Wars Wiki, is “the soul and essence of a deceased Force-sensitive who denied the will of the Force upon death, yet was able to interact with the living, albeit not physically.”

I think this can apply to Han because he finally accepted the Force.

He says in “The Force Awakens”, “It’s true. The Force. The Jedi… All of it…it’s all true.”

Just with this statement, I think Han was finally one with the Force.

Now here is my wish list for Episode VIII: Leia and Ben confronting each other, Phasma and Finn fighting, Leia teaching Finn the way of the Resistance, some young Ben, Luke saying something, Ben fighting off the Light Side more, and finally, Han’s funeral.

This is all just a theory. Do not believe me in the slightest, but these are just some things to mull over until December. May the Force Be With You, and please, just please, let Luke say SOMETHING.

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