Student spotlight: Hailey Jack


Hailey Jack (left) with roommate Yuna Murakami (right).

Story by Alyssa Noch, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Hailey Jack

Hailey Jack is a dedicated first-year student at Aquinas College pursuing a math major.

“I’ve always enjoyed math in school more than anything else,” Hailey said. She participates in math club at Aquinas every Friday for their game days from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Academic Building.

Additionally, she is a part of AQPB where she helps put on events like Refresh Yourself. “I went to one of their events and knew a few people there,” Hailey said. This is what motivated her to join during Saint Stock. She enjoys being part of AQPB.

“It’s really fun to plan events that my friends can go to and where I can help other people have fun, too,” Hailey said.

Being a part of AQPB also allows her to remain informed on what is going on around campus. She likes to use this knowledge to inform her friends and bring them along to all the events. Spending time with her friends is important for Hailey.

In her free time, it is what she is most likely doing if not “browsing the internet.” Her favorite memory, so far, stems from hanging out with her friends on-campus after seeing a play at the Performing Arts Center.

“We all got hot chocolate [afterwards],” Hailey said. The importance of Hailey’s friendships in her life is displayed through her goal of wanting to end the school year on good terms with all of her friends.

When asked about the Aquinas community, she rated it “an awesome ten points out of ten.” Hailey loves it.

“[My] favorite thing about AQ is the ratio between professors to students,” many students would agree with that.

The Aquinas community is always welcoming and it is in no small part due to the staff. If Hailey had to choose a favorite professor, she would have to choose Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Fox; she likes his teaching style. Overall, she loves all her professors.

“They are all really nice and helpful,” Hailey said. With their help, she wants to end this year with “a strong understanding of everything [she’s] learning.”

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