A message from President Olivarez regarding LGBTQ concerns

Letter to the editor by Dr. Juan R. Olivarez

Photo courtesy of Andris Visockis

As I had the opportunity to share yesterday at Student Senate, several students, faculty, staff and alumni have expressed concerns regarding the showing of the film, “Desire of the Everlasting Hills” on campus on March 14, sponsored by our Catholic Studies academic program. Some were upset about the content of the film and its portrayal of the LGBTQ community. While colleges such as Aquinas will occasionally feature speakers, films, panel discussions and publications that will spark disagreement, my most important priority will always be that everyone on campus is safe. First and foremost, if anyone on campus feels physically unsafe, call Campus Safety at ext. 3333. You may also take your concern to the Student Affairs Department, Student Senate leadership, the Office of the Provost or the Office of the President.

The Campus Speaker and Events Committee will continue to examine the policies and procedures of events on campus and Student Affairs will soon schedule an open forum for students to share their thoughts on how to handle events in the future. Regardless of individual beliefs, the LGBTQ population is an important part of the Aquinas community. I believe that the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and beliefs of our students, alumni and employees and our ability to respect each other are what makes Aquinas special.


God bless,


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