Freshman’s guide to Grand Rapids

5-12 GR Skyline_fdc87f29-eb1a-40f8-8fac-7f6ca010354a

Story by Julian Leal, Reporter
Photo courtesy

New and freshmen students at Aquinas: you’re going to experience many new adventures in college with all the professors and the students that go here. Even though these adventures are great, though, the best thing is being able to explore Grand Rapids as a whole.

There are plenty of different activities to do in Grand Rapids. My favorite thing to do is just going downtown with friends and looking at all the different street art. It’s just a cool, fun thing to do that doesn’t cost anything. You don’t have to spend any money, except for maybe parking.

Another cool thing that is going to be a great experience is being able to go to ArtPrize. This is another free event that anyone can go to. Even though it’s free, bring some money for food trucks! Grand Rapids has many different options. ArtPrize gives you the opportunity to see all the different art and meet the artist to see what was going through their mind when creating the piece.

There are also so many different restaurants in Grand Rapids that have good food. Maru Sushi and Grill has many different options for anyone who loves sushi, and its prices are reasonable. Another place I recommend is a pizza place called Big O’ Cafe, which has great pizza. and it’s also located in downtown Grand Rapids.

I didn’t do everything my freshman year, but these are things I’m interested in doing this year. Going to the Frederick Meijer Gardens is one activity that I would love to do with friends, and a lot of students do recommend going there. Another thing that I would love to do this year would be going to Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids. During the winter, it’s an ice rink, and skates are two dollars for college students. Be sure to take advantage of this deal.

There are many different things for you to try, and ask different people! Everyone experiences Grand Rapids differently. Remember, it is a huge city, and has opportunities for everyone. So no matter what you like to do, there’s something for you here.

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