A weekend in Lake County


Story by Brittany Klemish, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Klarie Ojenus

Aquinas College is built on four Dominican pillars: prayer, study, service and community. Over this past weekend, a group of Aquinas students practiced the Dominican pillar of service by attending the Habitat for Humanity Retreat. Although they were few in number, they accomplished much at Lake County.

Six strong individuals worked together with a purpose—to serve the residents of Lake County. They did this by constructing a new ramp for a family and another stained/weatherproofed ramp to increase its lifespan. They also worked with senior residents to complete a variety of household projects. Eric Bridge, the trip coordinator, raved about the work the students did.

 “The Aquinas group of students did an amazing job over the service-learning weekend with Lake County Habitat for Humanity,” Bridge said.  “Through their positive attitudes and self-giving actions the Aquinas group truly embodied the Dominican Pillars of prayer, study, service and community”.

Klarie Ojenus, an Aquinas junior, reminiscences about her experience on the retreat. “With box juice, sand dunes and deep discussions by the campfire, we set off to make a difference,” Ojenus said. The six Aquinas students ended the day by celebrating Mass with the local community at St. Ann’s Church. 

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