The tragic loss of hard serve ice cream in Wege

Ice cream is one of the best treats that was invented. Ice cream is the type of treat that makes memories with the friends in our life. It’s a heavenly frozen snack that a lot of people love since it has many of different flavors. Being able to have the amazing Hudsonville ice cream at Wege made me smile, particularly flavor of Cake Batter. It was the one thing that I would look forward after I finish my meal. It was great getting a bowl of your favorite flavor before heading to a boring class. It made the class less dreadful, and it brought happiness to people being able to eat something that they love. Everyone at Aquinas screams for ice cream. It was a great Freshman year having those endless flavors of goodness, but everything has to come to an end.

This year Wege Cafeteria got rid of the Hudsonville ice cream. Aquinas students spends thousands of dollars for this school, but we can’t have ice cream? I feel aggravated not being able to have my joyful bowl of ice cream, and sharing with your friends. Not being able to share your ice cream is like not being able to share a cold one with the boys. It’s also sad that the new students that go here aren’t going to experience this amazing opportunity. It’s just a heartbreaking thing, and hope that everything goes back to normal.

For the new students it was a let down not being able to see the ice cream station. Not only did it let me down, but it should become a let down for everyone who came back this year. The new students should be disappointed not sharing these moments with us. Just seeing the dessert layout replacing where the hard serve ice cream use to be made be sad. First, I thought it was only during orientation week since not everyone wasn’t here. Now it’s the we’re almost done with are quads, and still no ice cream.

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